Green Oil Wet Chain Lube


Green Oil Wet Chain Lube

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Green Oil wet chain lube was developed in 2007, and is perhaps the world’s first biodegradable bike chain lube. It lasts in excess of 125 miles on the chain per application and has won a wealth of awards – from environmentalists and the bike industry based purely on performance.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube has an easy to use and much imitated ’snap cap’. Simply twist and pull off in one go. It has a fantastic long nozzle, easy to get into hard to reach areas.

Green Oil now contains N-Toc, a special refined plant extract to increase durability, increasing the length of time between applications.

Green Oil can also be used for cables, brake leavers, bike locks and for other lube applications. It’s versatile.

  • Penetrates
  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Prevents rust
  • Lasts over 125 miles per application

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