Kinekt LR joustava istuinkannatin


Kinekt LR joustava istuinkannatin


Kinekt LR joustava istuinkannatin

The Kinekt LR suspension seatposts smooth out the ride, no matter the type of bike or terrain. They greatly increase comfort and reduce back, leg, and hip fatigue. That way you are sure to get the most enjoyment out of every pedal stroke, on every ride. All Kinekt suspension seatposts are easy to install and adjust, and come with a range of springs, so you can custom-tune the ride feel to match your weight and preferences. The spring preload on our seatposts can be easily finetuned to optimise the performance of your Kinekt suspension seatpost.

Kinekt Suspension seatposts are available in three versions: 

LR: aluminum construction and spring specifications for riders from 36-82 kg

XR: aluminum construction and spring specifications for riders from 82-145 kg

CR: the weight-saving carbon fiber version of the LR and XR seatposts.

* If you are choosing a Kinekt suspension seatpost for an e-bike, we recommend choosing the LR for riders under 150lbs (68kg) and going with the XR for riders over 82kg, to accommodate the in-saddle riding style and weight distribution that e-bikes produce.

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KINEKT is the ideal upgrade for every bike

Our Secret

KINEKT Seatposts allow you to stay in the saddle over more terrain, maintaining a more consistent connection to your bike while isolating you from bumps and vibrations. Your body, bike, and surface create a linked system of moving parts. Excess movement throughout this system causes discomfort at delicate points of contact between rider and bike – you know what we’re talking about!

Simply Tunable

Simple spring swaps and tunable pre-load allow for micro adjustments that work for you. By customizing your KINEKT, you’ll open the door to a whole new experience. Quick pre-load adjustments allow you to change your ride experience on the fly based on the terrain you encounter or the bike you’re riding. We advise you to experience comfort in motion at one of the Kinekt-dealers in your neighbourhood.