Sähköpotkulaudan renkaan vaihto

Onko sähköpotkulaudan renkaan puhennut ja mietit, missä voi vaihtaa renkaan? Meillä käy!

We have tubes in stock (15€/pc), but our supply of outer tires and solid tires is at the moment uncertain. So feel free to bring your own, we hope to soon have our own stock of outer tires and solid tires.

Tubes are for 8″ tires for XiaoMi 365 and XiaoMi 365 Pro. For other sizes it’s safest to bring your own tubes.


  • Rear tire replacement: 55€
  • Front tire replacement: 60€
  • Solid tire replacement: 80€

10% off for front and rear wheel together!

TIP: most punctures with the XiaoMi 365 sähköpotkulauta are caused by riding with too low pressure. It wears out the tire, which then wears out the tube. Make sure to alway have at least 4 bar in your tires!