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Bike to work

Since 2020, employers can offer bicycles to their employees as a tax-free benefit.  Many formulas are possible, beginning from the bicycle to spare parts, accessories, insurance, and servicing packages. You can pick any bike or e-bike (max 25km/h) from us at Lucky bird Bikes and make a leasing contract with one of our partners below.

It’s worth taking this up with your employer if they haven’t yet informed you about possibilities. We will happily help with any questions you might have about this tax-free bicycle benefit!

How does it work?

With this benefit you can have your dream bicycle as part of your salary and save up to 30-50% of its value. This tax-free benefit is up to 1200€/year so the expenses of the bicycle will be deducted from your salary at 100€/month. The benefit is not restricted to any taxing or price limit, so you can get exactly the bike that you want!

Vapaus has provided a calculator which you can use to estimate the cost and savings of the bicycle and service package you choose.
Also, Pyöräliitto has collected information about ‘työsuhdepyörä’ on this page.