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5 tips for choosing an electric bike

In our shop we help you from A to Z finding the most suitable solution for your intended use. But to get you started, we give you already a few general tips!

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  1. Imagine how and for what you want to use your electric bike. Do you like making extra long trips in summer, or do you prefer maximal motor support during your winter commutes? A larger battery could then be worth the investment. If you want to install a child seat, a bike with the battery in the middle might be a better choice than having it on the luggage rack. It’s hard to think of everything at once. At Lucky Bird Bikes we want to hear your plans and wishes, so we can help you to identify the things which are most important for you.
  2. Choose a middle motor.
    – A front wheel motor is usually the cheapest option. However, it also makes the bike less stable and less safe, and the motor system also misses the electronics which are needed to provide a natural, smooth ride.
    – Middle motors offer high stability, and the better brands offer a very natural riding feel.
    – Rear wheel motors are a recommended option for heavy duty use such as in speed-pedelecs (45 km/h). These motors are especially powerful, while avoiding excessive wear of the drive train.
    – We work with Shimano and Bosch. They have excellent motors and can offer spare parts also for their older motor versions. Many small or brand-specific motors disappear after a few years, and with that also the spare parts.
  3. Test many bikes!
    Just like a pair of shoes or a car, an e-bike is something you should have tested before you can decide whether it’s the right one for you, and that means more than 10 meter riding inside the shop 🙂 . Test rides are for us a very important aspect in choosing a bike with the right geometry and options.
  4. Keep service and maintenance in mind
    E-bike maintenance often requires specialised knowledge and access to software. It’s good to think if the location of your dealer is easily accessible to you, considering your might need to bring your e-bike for maintenance once in a while. Does your dealer offer a replacement bike to help you out when your bike is under service? (Hint: we do 😉 ! And on top of that, we’re close to a metro station)
  5. You are making an investment!
    Its a cliche, but the more you bike, the more money you save, no matter if your bike ride replaces your car or the bus, or perhaps even your fitness club subscription. During the next years, you will hopefully enjoy hundreds and even thousands of hours on your saddle. Making sure you got the right options and accessories on your bike is just logical, not any luxury.