Our mission is to make cycling more enjoyable for everyone, year round. At this point we are working with two carefully selected brands. Both have make strong, light-rolling bicycles which will please both the speed-oriented commuter and the more comfort-oriented outdoor enjoyer.

Jan Janssen is a small, Dutch family enterprise. Their philosophy is simple: just make the best possible bikes. Marketing is their least concern: connoisseurs (not the least world travellers) will find their bicycles! Each bike is assembled in the Netherlands by one individual, from beginning to end.

Velo de Ville from Germany makes sturdy but light-rolling bicycles. From simple budget-friendly bicycles to electric bicycles with full-automatic electronic shifting: they have it!

Both Velo de Ville and Jan Janssen are fully customisable. In the shop we have different models with all kind of different options. You can test anything, and of course we are here to help you finding the perfect bike for you!