Speed Pedelecs For Commuters

Stromer stands for a new era in urban mobility. These powerful Speed Pedelecs respond to the challenges of urban traffic with new technologies and Swiss engineering with integrated design, full connectivity and outstanding ride qualities. Made for commuting and for the road, but above all for the people who will ride them. Stromers are engineered for speed and distance for a comfortable ride wherever you go. These exclusive bikes are all about making every mile an enjoyable part of a commuters day. With an elegant design these bikes are the dream of a commuter especially when it comes to longer ranges and need for speed.

Swiss Technology

Stromer bikes are equipped with a rear wheel motor instead of a mid-frame motor for a direct power transmission. With this technology the drivetrain (chain and sprockets or belt drive) won’t wear as fast and power is more efficiently converted into movement. The high capacity batteries are designed to get you to your destination, not just half way. From 500 Wh up to nearly 1000 Wh, these batteries will give you a whopping commuting range of up to 180km. The flaweless integrated design has all of the technical components inside the bike to make a dashing impression to you and passers-by.

OMNI Connectivity

You can operate your Stromer through the cloud-based OMNI platform. Whether GPS localization, over-the-air updates, profile management, or motor tuning – discover the digital Stromer functions for even more riding fun. The Stromer is equipped with triple anti-theft protection: electric motor block, sound alarm, and GPS localization. The smart lock function lefts you to pair your bike with your smartphone so you will never need to reach out for your keys. Check battery charge level or riding statistics through the integrated touch screen or do everything through the OMNI mobile app.

Configuration and Customer Support

The Stomers come in a few different models and each of them can be customized to the configuration of your liking. Whether it is a stronger motor, larger battery capacity, belt drive, front suspension, or other accessories, all of these are available to make your dream bike. Stromer has authorized dealers in 17 countries for a large grid of support for your needs. Your dealer is connected with Stromer support to ensure a fast and easy experience in bicycle servicing, updating, and possible warranty issues. Your local dealer will also help you to choose and configure the bike for you.

How to choose?

You will enjoy your bike best when it is properly fitted for you. Come test ride our bikes in the shop and we will help you find the right frame size, type, and other components to fit the bike to your height and preferred riding posture. For any questions or guidance about finding you a bike, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also want to visit the Stromer Bike Finder.

Below you can see which Stromers we have currently in stock. These can be further configured or we can order the right model for you. Welcome to test ride our Stromers and contact us for help in finding the right Stromer for you.

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