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Ebike rental

Time for renting an ebike in Helsinki? We now have two ebikes for rent. A helmet and two strong locks are always included in the price.

The bikes are both the same compact model KEB from Velo de Ville. Saddle height and handle bar height can be adjusted very quickly to accommodate the majority of adults. The bikes are equipped with Shimano 8 speed internal hub gears, the Bosch Active Line Plus motor, comfortable balloon tires and hydraulic disc brakes for maximum safetey

How far do I get with my rental ebike?

The range depends very much on external conditions as well as your own weight and output. Roughly averaged, it is fair to say that the 500Wh Bosch battery will get you 100 km far if you choose light support from the motor and if you are not very heavy. For a more accurate estimate we recommend the Bosch eBike range calculator: . This simulator is also very informative if you are interested to know how you can optimise the range of your battery.

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If you have any questions on ebike rental, please call us, drop us an email or visit our physical store.