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Why from us?

A bicycle is a significant investment, and should therefore be just right for you . We help you finding that bike and make sure it will serve you well for many years to come. No long queues, you get a replacement bike when needed and we service your bike to a reduced rate compared to ‘foreign’ bicycles.

  • From us you get expert advise on things you aren’t sure about, and on aspects you perhaps hadn’t even thought of. What kind of gear system would be best for me? What are the options for the electric assist? Should I use my limited budget to invest in a sturdier bike rack, a better saddle, a larger battery or perhaps puncture-proof tyres?
  • The right size‘ of the bike is so much more than just the frame size. Sitting comfortable on your bike is so essential that we spend enough time on that. We keep trying until your bike feels like made just for you!
  • All our bikes can be tested and compared
  • First checkup for free (normal price 60 eur)
  • Priority in the service queue; we make sure you never need to miss your bike for a long time.
  • We are close to you! No need to bring your bike to the end of the city each time you need to get it serviced. We are located near the metro.
  • In some cases we buy your old bike when you order your new bike.