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Bicycle service price list

Your bicycle is in good hands!

No matter if your toddler’s first bike needs a new tube, your cargobike’s brakes are squealing, or your e-bike needs a total service: you have come to the right place!

In our modern and well-equipped workshop, our experienced mechanics take the best possible care of your bicycle. When you bring in your bicycle, we discuss with you your wishes and the possibilities.

Pyörähuolto hinnatBicycle service prices

All prices indicated below are indicative and do not include parts.

General checkup (seasonal service)

We recommend a general checkup at least once every year, or with intensive use every 3000 – 3500 km.
  • 75€ for city bikes (hub gears)
  • 89€ for hybrid bikes
  • 105€ for ebikes
  • 105€ for cyclocross, road bike and mountain bikes
  • 149€ for cargobikes

First checkup

The first checkup is specific for new bicycles which are no more than three (3) months old and have been used maximum 300 km
  • 70€ city bikes
  • 80€ hybrid bikes
  • 90€ e-bikes
  • 90€ sport bikes
  • 120€ cargo bikes

A seasonal service includes

In a seasonal service, we thoroughly go through the whole bicycle. In case bigger repairs are recommended, we discuss with you how to proceed.
We already make a first quick evaluation of the state of your bicycle at the moment hwen you bring it in.
  • A general cleaning with a rag
  • Tensioning of spokes and truing the wheels
  • Brake and gear adjusting
  • Cleaning the drivetrain and oiling the chain (limited mechanical cleaning)
  • Adjusting wheel hub bearing tension
  • Tightening of bolts and nuts
  • For e-bikes with Bosch or Shimano electric system: check for error codes and installing updates. Report included.
  • The following are checked: the condition of the tires and correct tire pressure, headset, bottom bracket, hubs, condition of lights (batteries changed if needed). Test driving is done if weather permits.

A first checkup includes

In the first checkup, we systematically check the whole bike. Cleaning is not included.
  • Attaching parts and checking all bolts and nuts
  • Checking of spoke tensions and necessary wheel truing
  • Brake and gear adjusting
  • The following are checked: the condition of the tires and correct tire pressure, Headset, bottom bracket, hubs, condition of lights (batteries changed if needed) and test driving.
Following additional repairs are made automatically if needed:
  • Extra cleaning a dirty bike, if necessary for further repairs: 10-30€
  • Replacement of broken spokes: 15-30 € for the first spoke
  • Replacement of brake pads: 20€/pair
  • Replacement of tube/tire, if the tire is in very bad condition: 15-20€
  • Adding grease to dry hub bearings: 10€
  • Straightening a bent derailleur hanger: 10€


Cleaning a bicycle is time consuming. If you come with a clean bicycle, this will give us more time to spend on actual maintenance work, or otherwise allow us to charge less.

Other bicycle services

Tubes and tire repair/replacement

We patch punctures when meaningful
  • Front tube or tire: 15€
  • Rear tube or tire: 20€
  • Tubeless tire mounting: 25€
  • XiaoMi M365 electric scooter tube/tire change (also solid rubber tire): 55-60€


Wheel truing with or without spoke tensiometer, replacing rim, building new whel, …
  • Wheel truing 30€
    (including single spoke replacement if need)
  • Building new wheel: starting from 90€


Hub bearings not running smoothly?
  • Front hub service: 10-30€
  • Rear hub with cassette service: 20-40€
  • Gear hub service (cleaning + oil bath): 40-50€
  • Replacing machine bearings: 15-30€

Other bike services

Bicycle locks, racks, baskets…
  • Installation lock: 10 – 20€
  • Braking a lock: 15-40€
  • Replacing bar tape: 20€
  • Replacing pedals: 10€
  • Written offer for repair after damage (for insurance): 50€
  • Front basket installation: 20€
  • Installation mudguards: 10-25€/piece
  • Installation/replacing kickstand: 10€
  • Rack installation: 20-40€


Gearing, chains, sprockets etc.
  • Adjusting front or rear gears: 10-15€
  • Replacing chain: 15€
  • Replacing chain + cassette: 25€
  • Truing of derailleur hanger: 15€
  • Replacing derailleur pulleys: 10€
  • Replacing gear cable: 10€
  • Replacing gear cable + housing
    Front: 10€
    Rear: 15€
    (integrated cables charged at 60€/hour)
  • Replacing chain rings/crank set: 30€
  • Replacing shifter (including cable replacement): 25€
  • Replacing front or rear derailleur: 25€


Did you know we are probably the first bike store in Finland to use a professional machine for bedding in new disc brake pads? This way we can guarantee you the best possible result!
  • Replacing brake pads: 10-20€/pair
  • Replacing brake cable: 10€
  • Replacing brake cable + housing
    Front: 10€
    Rear: 15€
    (internal cables charged at hourly rate)
  • Bleeding Shimano hydraulic brake: 20€
  • Bleeding non-Shimano hydraulic brake: 20-300€
  • Replacing brake disc: 10-15€
  • Brake disc truing: 5€

Our indoor storage space is valuable. We very much appreciate if you can fetch your bicycle as soon as possible once it’s ready.

Bikes are stored for free until 2 days after finishing. We reserve the right to charge 5€/day after that, unless differently agreed.

All above mentioned prices are indicative, and do not include spare parts.